“Welly’s restaurant is a fusion of upscale dining and pub atmosphere A local watering hole where buddies can enjoy pints of Guinness and watch the big game, while a couple romantically celebrates their one year anniversary, tucked away at a corner table.” — Megan Parks, Marlborough Patch

Welly’s restaurant came to existence in October of 2009. We thought that Marlborough would be a perfect location because the way the town is so properly organized; the people are great, the location was ideal. We here at Welly’s believe that simple foods can make such an impact on people if the ingredients are fresh, the location is clean, the atmosphere is cozy and especially an excellent service. We feel that knowing our customers on a first name basis is ideal to create the environment we have here at Welly’s.

When we decided to create the menu, we wanted to make it so that the patron will always find something to eat, so we found it easy to put as much items on there. Might be confusing at first for first time customers, but after the first dish they will be dying to try something different.

Try our huge Calzones that are made fresh, or something light, like our Lindsey Haddock, and don=92t forget to pair that with either a big glass of your favorite beer, or a glass of the most robust wine. You will always find something great to eat at Welly’s. Tagging along with our extensive menu we offer specials everyday of the week. Want to try a special item that you tried two weeks ago, but it’s not offered this week? Just ask the wait staff, if we have the ingredients you will have your dish.

So come down to Welly’s, meet our staff, even the cooks if you want to. It will be our pleasure to serve you fresh food at great prices.

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