The Buffet Way

The Buffet Way Catering started catering for the Mello Lane Turkey Farm on Stow Road in 1985. Although Mello Lane had a great selection of turkey products, they lacked delivery and service for off site venues. This service was in high demand due to the increasing amount of computer and high tech companies in Marlborough. Along with these companies came many other kinds of catering jobs and family parties.

For many of these families, the Buffet Way has catered their religious celebrations, graduations from high school and college, weddings, anniversaries and many mile stone birthday parties right up to the grand age of 100.

The Buffet Way catered out of Mello Lane for thirteen years until 1998 when the famous turkey farm decided to close its doors. The Buffet Way Catering relocated to Trombetta’s Farm on Farm Road. The owner, Charles Trombetta, to my surprise, gave us the front spot by the street, and the Buffet Way Catering was now a company that everyone noticed. And from there, we just grew. After 8 years at the 655 Farm Road location, the Buffet Way needed more room.

We found the room that we needed on Curtis Avenue. After converting the space at 31 Curtis Avenue into a commercial kitchen for catering and pickup services for party platters and other types of food items, the Buffet Way Catering is still going strong.

There are many fraternal organizations, parishes, religious organizations, companies, and families in the city of Marlborough, as well as The Marlborough Chamber of Commerce, that has helped make our business a success. And because of all of you, I would like to say thank you from all of us at The Buffet Way Catering for your business and this special honor.

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