Maureen Letendre, In Demand Coaching

Maureen Letendre is the Owner/Founder of In Demand
Coaching. She has been providing coaching services for over twenty years from
the inside of organizations. Her professional background has been in Human
Resources in a very large international high tech company as well as three small
to medium sized family and privately owned businesses. Through out her career
her passion has always been in the area of employee relations and employee and
management development. She herself has been focused on self-development
throughout her adult life.

From a very young age, Maureen always wanted to “do it myself”. To this day,
family members recall those early years. And, although her career was highly
satisfying, she always had the desire to see if she could “do it herself”. Her
first attempt was when she left a large high tech corporation and became the
Director of Human Resources in small high tech company. Here she got to create
an Human Resource organization where one did not yet exist and worked as part of
the management team to grow this company by 600% in eighteen months. Very
satisfying and rewarding, but still not her own.

Her career continued to grow first in the construction industry where she held
the position of Director of Human Resources and then into the world of
publishing and advertising where she was the Vice-President of Operations. All
along the way, she earned more than one degree through the world of experience,
growing constantly and consistently. Then her world changed. Between the years
of 2004 and 2010, Maureen struggled through several life transition experiences,
including a great deal of personal loss. In 2008, when the world turned upside
down for everyone, Maureen took a long hard look at herself and realized it was
time, time to finally “do it herself”. And so her new journey began.

By working with a Coach Maureen was able to find the fears that held her back,
for so many years. She learned how they were getting in her way, found options
and discovered the power of choice. This was what gave her the inner strength
to finally recreate herself and be able to turn her dreams into her reality.
In September of 2008, she enrolled in a Coaching Certification program and
started her business. A year later, once she completed her program and received
her Certification, she was able to focus fully on business development.

As is true with any business, it’s important to pick a niche, this can sometimes
be difficult for coaches because coaching works with our humanness and therefore
fits many situations. Coaches do their best coaching from a place where they
are most passionate. Maureen’s passion lies in helping people discover who they
truly are so they can uncover their passions in teaching them how to turn their
fears into options and choices, rather than simply respond to the circumstances
of their lives. It is through this process that her clients discover their
purpose and be able to achieve all they desire in their lives and their

In a nut shell, Maureen’s tag line demonstrates her core beliefs and her
experience, it is…
“In Demand Coaching, Your Pathway to Success, Envision It…Believe It…Achieve

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