Brookfield Renewable Energy Group – U.S. Operations

Brookfield has more than 100 years of experience as an owner, operator and developer of hydroelectric and wind power facilities. In the United States, Brookfield owns and operates 107 generation facilities in 10 states, totaling over 2,200 megawatts of capacity. The company’s renewable portfolio generates enough renewable energy to power over 660,000 average U.S. households annually. Brookfield currently operates 103 hydropower facilities and four wind projects with an additional 102 MW wind generation facility under construction. With holdings in ten states, Brookfield is a recognized leader in the development and operation of high quality, clean power facilities. The company continues to grow in the U.S. through the acquisition of new generating facilities, greenfield development and the enhancement of its existing operations, all run out of its Marlborough, MA-based U.S. headquarters.

Across Brookfield’s U.S. Operations, recreation, fisheries, wildlife, hydropower and wind power co-exist. Brookfield takes seriously the responsibility entrusted to us to manage natural resources in ways to ensure sustainable development. Our approach protects and enhances the ecosystems and communities affected by our activities while managing a successful business. Brookfield is a leader in environmental stewardship with more hydropower facilities certified by the independent Low Impact Hydropower Institute than any other U.S. hydropower operator.

Brookfield in Massachusetts

In 2008, Brookfield established its U.S. Operations office and state-of-the-art national control center in Marlborough, Massachusetts to manage its growing asset base. Since then, the company has invested $9M in the installation of its sophisticated centralized, 24/7 National System Control Center (NSCC) to monitor and dispatch U.S. generation assets and adhere to national security and reliability standards. NSCC staff work in close coordination with on-the-ground operators at Brookfield facilities to monitor local conditions and promptly respond to operating and maintenance needs.

Nestled deep in the Berkshire Mountains, Brookfield operates the Bear Swamp/Jack Cockwell Pumped Storage facility in Rowe, MA and Fife Brook hydroelectric plant on the Deerfield River in Florida, MA. Together, these facilities provide over 600 MW of capacity. An underground visitor center located near the Cockwell and Fife Brook Stations provides information about the Bear Swamp Project, its history and surrounding recreational opportunities. The visitor center is open mid-October through mid-May by appointment only.

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