The Vin Bin

In August 2011, the Vin Bin opened its doors in the newly renovated space at 91 Main Street, the site of the former Central Fire Station, a 100-year-old city landmark in downtown Marlborough.
For both the Vin Bin and the old fire station, it was a perfect match. The Vin Bin is known as an old world style market, reminiscent of an earlier time when small stores served local neighborhoods, where friendly customer service, product knowledge and familiarity were common. And the fire station, one of the most recognizable buildings in the area was in dire need of a fix up.

The Vin Bin approached the project of repair with a strong emphasis on keeping the character and historical nature of the building while also making it convenient for shoppers.

The open space of the firehouse bays made for perfect store layout, with brick accents, original sliding paddock doors and a replicated bay door reconstruction. Memorabilia and antiquities from the Marlborough Fire Department and city’s Historical Society were erected inside the Vin Bin to keep the memory of this old building alive to everyone who comes to visit.

The Vin Bin’s history as a purveyor of fine wine, artisan cheese, specialty foods, craft beer and spirits began in 2004 in the Coral Seafood Plaza. At that time, it was the first of its kind store in the city, drawing a wide audience from all over Massachusetts.

In the past seven years, the Vin Bin has made it its mission to work with the community on all local matters. For years, the Vin Bin has opened its doors to local charities seeking a unique venue for fundraising efforts. The store is an active participant in downtown festivals, citywide fundraising efforts such as the Evening of Giving, and two-time winner of the People’s Choice award in the Historical Society Christmas Festival of Trees, and recently led an effort to supply Marines in Afghanistan with “Victory Cigars.”

The Vin Bin takes pride in its mission and goals to serve the people of Marlborough.

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