The Rail Trail Flatbread Company

The Rail Trail Flatbread Company is your all-American, family-friendly, comfort-food-cooking neighborhood restaurant.

Located in the heart of Hudson, the 110-seat eatery impresses with its stylish rustic décor, pristine open kitchen, imposing brick oven and inviting wooden bar. Even more remarkable are the fresh food, delicious drinks and stellar service that have made this local spot a favorite for visitors from near and far.

Rail Trail’s signature oven-baked flatbreads, juicy hand-packed burgers, crispy fresh salads and other comfort-food creations are made with locally sourced ingredients. The “scratch kitchen” concept means that everything, from the sauces, to the meats, to the breads, is prepared in-house from scratch. The flatbreads (not to be confused with pizzas) are made from 170-year-old Gold Rush era sourdough yeast, topped with unique and playful combinations of ingredients, and cooked in the 15-ton hand-built wood-burning brick oven.

While the oven keeps the Rail Trail fire burning, the bar keeps its water flowing. That’s, of course, if that water was mixed with a delicious combination of yeast, malt and hops. Microbrewers and beer aficionados have already taken note of Rail Trail’s well-researched line of craft brews that flow out of its 20 taps. Don’t like beer? No problem! The friendly bartenders also serve selected seasonal wines and delectable signature cocktails, mixed with unique liquor blends, fresh-squeezed juices and house-made tinctures and bitters.

Rail Trail is the brainchild of two young, ambitious, industrious entrepreneurs, whose love for food, hunger for success and passion for community brought them together to build a one-of-a-kind restaurant. Michael Kasseris and Karim El-Gamal met on the first day of their Babson College MBA program, and quickly learned that their shared vision made them great business partners.

When Karim and Michael arrived in Hudson, they found a genuinely tightknit community that they could build upon. Everyone in the town, from its officials, to its police force, to the Main Street businesses, was extremely helpful and encouraging, making Hudson a highly desirable location for these two entrepreneurs. It was the community’s history that ultimately influenced the restaurant’s industrial feel and rustic décor, and the nearby Assabet River Rail Trail is what inspired its name.

With the exception of the oven, which they designed and helped finish, Karim and Michael built almost everything you see in the restaurant today by their own hands. They took something old and made it new. Old factory floors now make up much of the wooden décor, and pews from a 1900’s church form the base of the 30ft bar.

As business owners, one of Karim and Michael’s greatest objectives was to create jobs and support community initiatives. When they opened Rail Trail for business in December of 2012, they were excited to be able to provide work for about a dozen people. Little did they know that just a year later, they would be supporting more than 50 employees. They are now set to create even more jobs and contribute even further to the revival of Hudson’s downtown, as they begin to build their second business venture across the road—a micro-creamery and dessert parlor. With their second project in just two years already underway, there’s no telling what these two entrepreneurs will be cooking up next.

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