Christian Dumais, DruMais Hair Salon and Day Spa

DruMais Hair Salon and Day Spa’s grand opening raised 1,500 dollars for charity. That day really set the tone for DruMais Hair Salon and its mission; making sure people look and feel great when they leave while giving back to the community. And, while it may be Christian accepting the Entrepreneur of the Year award, in this case it really does take a village. Thank you to the team behind DruMais’s success who are not only some of the most talented and creative stylists Christian has had the pleasure of working with, but also some of the most genuine and supportive. Thank you to the loyal clients that took a chance on this business and have stuck with the DruMais team over the years. Christian is so proud and honored to receive this award and thankful that he has the opportunity to do what he loves every day.

Community is extremely important to Christian; he was born and raised in Marlborough and is a product of Marlborough High. Ask his mother, she will tell proudly tell you he is fifth generation Marlborough. Being able to live and work in this community is like fulfilling the American dream to Christian. The salon itself is 30,000 square feet of Marlborough history, incorporating recycled and repurposed items from throughout the town. The salon building itself is a former shoe factory, originally built in 1867.

Most of the floors have been restored and are one of a kind (check out the shampoo room and shoe dyed boards). The main lighting are lanterns that were from St. Mary’s Church (Christian’s grandparents were married in St. Mary’s); materials from the old Oxford building (Bert’s / Cornerstone pub) on Lincoln / Mechanic were incorporated into the design. The styling stations and bathroom tile work used recycled materials saved during construction and the cabinets and mirrors came from other salons and even a pizza place in Sudbury. The construction was a labor of love and a two year effort. The vision and creation of the salon is thanks to Christian’s brother, the talented Drew Drumais. The construction is thanks to Christian’s father and hero Jerry. Christian’s mother Donna got to be the sounding board as the two worked hand and hand (bless her heart).

This salon is a family venture and the team is part of Christian’s family, whether they like it or not. He puts his heart (and whatever soul he can muster up) into this business and hope that it shows. As a client you are also part of the family and Christian enjoys being a part of your life and sharing stories. The salon provides an amazing atmosphere of comfort and relaxation; it is a place to let your hair down both literally and figuratively.

Christian knows the location can be a challenge to find at first, BUT, we know once you find this hidden gem you will never want to leave. He would also think that there would be a missed opportunity to ask to come check us out. If you have a loyal hair stylist already, Christian understands and thanks you for your loyalty.

Check out a complete list of our services and prices on our website or if this awards night gets a little long and you need a distraction like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter @drumais_salon and instagram @Drumais_salon
Christian would like to thank the people that nominated him for this award, the DruMais Team, Mom, Dad, Drew, Brian Kaiser, and all the DruMais clients – past, present, and future! Most importantly, the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce members and staff; Susanne, Linda, and Jackie. The chamber as a whole has been so great to Christian and he has no idea what he has done to deserve such graciousness but from the bottom of his heart he is very thankful.

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