Savers Thrift Superstore

Savers is a retail thrift store chain that benefits hundreds of nonprofit organizations, gives consumers a smart way to shop, and saves 650 million pounds of reusable goods from landfills each year. We are built on doing social, environmental and economic good in all the communities we touch through our unique business model, which we call the Savers Cycle:

  • Local residents donate reusable items at our stores or directly to our nonprofit partners
  • We pay local nonprofits every time a community member donates
  • Donations are sorted and the highest quality items are priced and placed on our sales floors, where we provide shoppers with quality goods at low prices
  • Shoppers find unique items at a great value
  • Unsold items are recycled or sent to developing countries rather than landfills
  • We create jobs, generate significant tax revenue, and help support local communities

Savers opened in Marlboro in June of 2014 and provides jobs for 50 local residents. Many of our jobs are full time and these positions come with a competitive benefits package.

Savers firmly believes in creating a better world through reuse.

We, along with our donors and shoppers, see the potential in every donated item. A tremendous amount of inventory comes through our doors every day: clothing, accessories, books, electronics, furniture and more. It’s always been important to us to ensure that each item we receive is sorted and given the best opportunity to be useful again.

Whether we sell goods to shoppers on our sales floor, to wholesale processers from our unsold retail inventory, or to commodity recyclers in repurposed forms (like copper content from holiday lights), each transaction diverts reusable items from the landfill.

We lead the industry in textile reuse and recycling, with over 90 percent of all clothing items received — hundreds of millions of pants, tops, coats and shoes — avoiding disposal annually.

Savers’ promise: every donation supports our partners.

Every month we provide regular payments to more than 120 different nonprofit organizations in local communities and we work with our partners to make sure the funds from donations stay local.

Our local partner in Marlboro is the Epilepsy Foundation of New England and our payments are 100 percent profit for them, regardless of whether or not they played any role in bringing revenue-generating items into our stores.

In 2014 alone, Savers paid our nonprofit partners more than $200 million and over the past 10 years, we’ve paid $1.5 billion to support local charitable programs and services.

Making an impact on the community matters most.

Savers is new to Marlborough and it is our goal to be an integral part of the community.

One way we can help is by partnering with organizations in the town and neighboring towns – whether its a sporting team, scouting group, parent-teacher organization, or church – to coordinate clothing drives that raise funds for their activities.

Just stop by the store and talk to manager about the possibilities to raise money through a Donation Drive!

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