About the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce serves the communities of Marlborough, Massachusetts, and the surrounding areas. Founded in 1924, the chamber supports the cities and towns within the region, fostering a thriving business environment.

The chamber’s mission is to promote and support local businesses, helping them thrive and succeed. It provides numerous networking opportunities, educational resources, and advocacy for businesses in the region.

Membership in the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce is open to any business in the area. Benefits of membership include access to networking events, marketing opportunities, educational resources, and discounts on various products and services. Additionally, the chamber offers various sponsorship opportunities for businesses wishing to support its programs and events.

Beyond its support for local businesses, the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce is involved in various community initiatives. These include supporting local schools, promoting tourism, and advocating for infrastructure improvements. Overall, the chamber plays a crucial role in supporting the economic development and well-being of the Marlborough community.

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