All Metals! All Electronics!

Electronics of all types:
Computers, CPUs, Games, Accessories, Printers, Cell Phones, VCRs, Laptops, Cameras, Cables, Wires, Keyboards, Mouse Devices, etc.

All Electrical Equipment:
Small Appliances, Motors, Shop Equipment, Heaters, Fans, Extension Cords, Lamps.

Vehicle Batteries:
Cars, Boats, RVs, etc.

Yard and Lawn Equipment:
Mowers & Snow Blowers (no fluids)

You only Pay $40 per car load or pick up truck.

Additional Charges:
TVs (any size) only $50
Computer Monitors – $30 each
Audio Speakers (wood) – $20 per pair
Child Car Seats – $20 each (fabric removed)

Not Accepted:
wood, plastic, tires, mattresses, textiles, hoses, glass, pool liners, Large plastics children’s toys, ceramics, porcelain fixtures, vinyl, hazardous waste.

Please contact (978) 875-0097

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