Hudson: Five Hudson High School Seniors recently complete the Quinsigamond Community College Future Steps Program earning 12 college credits before graduating from high school. Congratulations go out to Victoria Galvin, Cassandra Moran, Joshua Teixeira, Marcus Valentin & David Youngerman for getting an early start on their higher education. All received 12 college credits by participating in the Quinsigamond Community College Future Steps program at Hudson High.

The Future Steps Program is a joint collaboration between Quinsigamond Community College, Marlborough Chamber of Commerce, Hudson High School, and Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School. The program is designed to give high school students a jump start on their college education and ultimate career. Students who participate in programs like Future Steps save money and are provided with better preparation for future employment. They also are more likely to enroll in college and are significantly more likely to complete their college degrees. Students who earn a college degrees statistically live healthier lifestyles, have higher levels of civic engagement and ultimately higher earning potential than those who do not.

Students earned credits by taking online courses at Hudson High School starting in their junior year. Under the direction of a teacher, they studied Psychology, Intro to Microcomputer Applications, Intro Sociology, and Critical Thinking and Problem Solving to earn their 12 credits. Courses taken through the Quinsigamond Community College Future Steps program at Hudson High School are transferable to most Massachusetts universities, private colleges and community colleges.

“The Future Steps program taught me how to work better independently and stay motivated to get my work done. The program helped me get ahead on my college work and it helped me develop independent learning skills. The classes themselves taught me a lot and were interesting.” Cassandra Moran, student. Cassandra will be attending Saint Anselm College in September. With the credits she received from the QCC Future Steps program and her AP credits, she will begin school just 4 credits shy of being a sophomore.

Another benefit to students, as well as their families is the low cost per credit. Each course is offered at a significant discount to student. The savings is 1/3 thanks to Quinsigamond Community College and Hudson Public Schools. Next year, Hudson High School is expanding the program to offer more openings for students. “The overall savings for students who participate in this program is impressive.” Scott Darlington, Career Pathways Specialist at Hudson High School. The estimated cost for 12 credits at a state university is $4,428.48, and for a private college is $14,203.92, our students pay $1,200.00. This program also encourages students who may not have been thinking about attending college to go on to apply after completing the course.”

“I learned how to actively participate in an online course, and budget my time individually. This program helped me not only by getting college experience but also by gaining nearly a semester of credits that are worth far more than I paid for them.” Joshua Teixeira. Josh will be attending the University of Massachusetts Amherst to study Computer Systems Engineering this September.


Left to Right: Josh Teixeira, Victoria Galvin, Cassandra Moran, and Marcus Valentin (missing from photo David Youngerman)


Christina Hebert, Manager of Educational Partnerships at Quinsigamond Community College and Cassandra Moran


Christina Hebert, Manager of Educational Partnerships at Quinsigamond Community College and Joshua Teixeira

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