To realize the Value of something, you must experience it first. Connect with the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce in your quest for success.

To realize the Value of Influence (VOI), research the track record of the Chamber’s efforts in educating the City Councilors the importance of keeping the Commercial/Industrial Tax Rate fair and equitable. As a result, the Marlborough City Council voted to keep the split between the Commercial tax rate and the Residential tax rate the same for this fiscal year.

To realize the Value of Introduction (VOI), attend the various networking programs and events to meet many people and hear the success stories of the connections made through the Chamber at functions that lead to expanded contacts and more profits.

To realize the Value of Involvement (VOI), join one of the many committees and groups to experience the ability to develop relationships with other Chamber members who have similar interests that may turn into future customers.

To realize the Value Of Information (VOI), utilize the Chamber’s various business programs and benefits like the Professional Development Workshops through the Business Connections group, Small Business Development Center Counseling and SCORE Counseling. Excellent data for your business planning gathered by MetroWest Economic Research Center (MERC), can be attained through the Marlborough Regional Chamber as well.

The Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce has many valuable resources available to members and the community… You too can realize the VALUE OF AN INVAULABLE RESOURCE!

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