Thanks from Marlborough Moves!

As we approach the holiday season, we would like to thank you for your involvement and attention to our wonderful program, Marlborough Moves. Since it’s conception in October 2012 and rollout in January 2013, Marlborough Moves has offered over 30 free classes and lectures to the community, as well as highlighted many other health and wellness events in our local area. Many local businesses participated in our events this year, and others donated their time for lectures and classes. To all of you-Thank you! We are looking forward to Marlborough Moves 2014, so we can continue to actively participate in educating our community and improving the health of the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce’s members. But, we still have much to do! We need everyone to spread the word, in any way you can about our programs… Forward our emails, send us emails of those who want to be added to our mail list, mention us to your neighbors, your customers, your employees. We also welcome businesses and individuals to contact us with ideas for lectures or programs. In 2014, we hope to work in a more involved way with local businesses and their employees. Please feel free to contact us, Kathy Ekdahl and Julie Dalbec, at or Again, thanks to all! We are grateful for the opportunity to serve Marlborough! Stay present and stay healthy over the holidays!

Kathy and Julie

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